It’s not racing… It’s Time Attack. What does that mean?


2018 is here, but whats the story, how has this come out of nowhere and why am I and my bike expected to like it? Read on folks…

Originating on the race tracks of Japan, Time Attack has risen to become one of the most significant and engaging motorsport phenomenon’s of our time. Captivating audiences and inspiring an entire generation of petrol heads from around the globe to set about nailing down the quickest lap on a given day. Time Attack defines the art of purposeful car modification by crowning aftermarket tuning champions and embracing the complete spectrum of tuning levels from a part-time racer to full blown record smashing circuit monsters.

The art of registering the quickest lap-time on circuit using a production based car with no power or upgrade limitations.The ultimate test of man and machine versus the clock, who will win? Running a car to the absolute limit and beyond – on the knife edge of engine power and response, reliability, mechanical grip, chassis set-up, aerodynamics and down force. Add that up and throw in a driver with no other expectation than to win by delivering the lap of their life while battling traffic of 50 other teams, all pushing to to do the same where every hundredth of a second counts.

Introduced in in 2006, the UK Time Attack Championship  has grown into the largest and most professional Time Attack events in the world. In 2010 it was formally recognised by the Motorsport Association, the UK governing body of motorsport, as an official form of motorsport with specific rules and formats recognised as official regulations. Multiple classes are employed to give relevance and purpose to a wide variety of cars and drivers, from entry level street classes to Pro classes. Events take place at major race circuits in the UK with official timing supplied by TSL Timing, the race industry standard. Time Attack continues to expand and grow.

Cars of each class are out on track together [grouped by speed and specification ] for a set session time, either 15 or 20 minutes  and generally 4 sessions per Round. In racing terms the format of Time Attack can be likened to that of a race qualification session but there are 4 sessions to enable drivers to get quicker and quicker, building on performance for the Final. Points and positions are awarded in the final session of the day, but overall lap times are recorded to reward the quickest times set by a car during the entire round.

To ensure the successful and relevant entry of cars and teams, our classing system has evolved into specific categories that are suitable to recognise differing levels of car, potential lap-times, modification and drive-line. This classing system encourages vehicles from ‘street spec’ to purpose built world class racing spec machines. Throughout the season lap-times are monitored and where necessary adjustments are made to ensure fair competition in all classes is respected, the quicker the cars go the further up the classing field they progress each season.

The website of the MSA Time Attack Championship can be found here

So that’s a small slice of Time Attack history covered, lets get deeper on two wheels and talk about what you want to hear:

In 2017 we ran the inaugural Moto Time Attack® [ MTA ] event at Cadwell Park on Sunday 16th July 2017 to great acclaim and making it one of the success stories of 2017.

We have produced specific ACU regulations for MTA  and worked out a set of very simple classes and rules in order to welcome as many varied riders and bikes as possible which can run in MTA and experience our sport for the first time. While places are limited we wish to attract a diverse range of riders and bikes from complete novices on standard road bikes, to full blown monsters ridden by pros.

As a result of the event in 2017, we have reviewed what we think the sport needs for the future by way of analising the event format, talking to riders and teams and then going away to work in a dark room to compile a definitive HUGE EXTRAVAGANZA of an event in 2018 set over 3 days at Cadwell Park.

MTA will continue with the same sporting philosophy as we have with our car teams, the events are for the teams and drivers, each year we make changes, alterations and additions to what the teams need at that moment in time. Time Attack teams are not defined by Time Attack, the teams and their innovations define Time Attack. We are intrigued to run the first event with a simple set of classes and rules and then step back and listen to riders and everyone involved in our event.

We have been working with MSV, Cadwell Park’s owners for many years and enjoy running successful events at their venues in the UK each year. We have booked Cadwell Park as we believe that it is the perfect place with which to run a challenging and ground breaking competition. Cadwell Park is renown for its partnership with motorcycles and enjoys a solid reputation, making it the ideal place to continue this legend by hosting the worlds first Moto Time Attack event. Indeed it is actually a firm favourite with our car teams and our event at Cadwell each year is second only to BSB. We know the venue intimately.

The price for entry to the event is £375+vat and is the same for all classes. Currently we are limiting the classes to 15 riders per class and will accept entries on a first come first serve basis.

We will award magnificent effort-rewarding trophies during a formal and well presented ceremony at the track for the top three podium positions in each class. The winners will be the riders in each class that record the quickest time on track in the final session of the day. We will recognise laptimes from earlier sessions as MTA lap records but trophies will be awarded under pressure in the final session where you have to get it right if you want the top step and be crowned the class champion in the worlds first Moto Time Attack event.

There are two main classes, under 600cc and over 600cc, beyond that you just need to self certify which sub class you wish to be in and we’ll discuss it and ensure you are picking the right one. Our sub classes are : Club, Club Pro and Pro with a few sub-classes in between for under 400cc, Electric bikes and Classic & Retro machines. There is a link further down this page which will take you to the classes page where you will find much more detailed explanations of the classing system mentioned.

The competition will be run under a special ACU permit and all riders will need to have ACU specification protective gear as well as have the applicable ACU licence [ race licence only required in Pro classes ]. To see how easy it is to enter yourself and your bike, please download our regulations or contact us for a chat on email. You don’t have to be a professional racer or seasoned trackday rider and you’ll be amazed how easy it is we can have you running in Time Attack this summer. Everything is simple, clean and certainly not fussy.

If you want to do something different, new, exciting and with a new crowd and a friendly paddock where the only enemy is the clock and there is no cheating as there are no rules to bend, well you just found it.

If you think you have seen it all before, think again – we bring you a new era in motorcycle sport and welcome you to very much define and be part of it.

We promise you a well organised, professional and enjoyable event, one worthy of your time and effort to prepare for and commit to it.

To find about more about our classing system for Moto Time Attack, please see this page

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