With Moto Time Attack taking off in July we’d love to give you some feedback from competitors, but since nobody has done it yet we can only do that afterwards. Having said that though with the current car Time Attack series we also run well underway, we thought we’d ask a couple of regulars about their thoughts on Time Attack and what they think people might see from Moto Time Attack.

Lee Connor – Time Attack racer
The thing I like about Time Attack is the relative freedom of modifications and chassis choice, this gives you the opportunity to be able to design and develop a car around your tastes, abilities and budget.

I think Moto Time Attack is going to be an enjoyable experience to watch as you will actually see more of the rider verses the driver being inside a car. Also seeing a bike in the air at Cadwell pulling a wheelie over The Mountain or sliding out of a turn will be something that you normally only get to see from top professionals

Andrew Baird – Workshop owner – Time Attack car builder/Racer

Time attack is competitive, yet everyone will generally pull together to help each other which is something not seen in a lot of other motorsport I’ve competed and helped with. There is also a much better approach towards modification and new ideas that would take a lot of discussion in other forms of motorpsort before it was allowed.When I think of Moto time Attack I think of the madness that is about to occur! Being a biker myself and having done track days on a bike and in high powered cars I can’t see the formula not working. The only difference being bikers tend to be wired a little differently from you’re average car competitor. The other part of this series I am really looking forward to is the machinery that’s been dreamt up by the track bike community. If you thought the cars were mad, I think once Moto Time Attack gets going,  the bikes will be interesting to say the least.


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