Moto Time Attack will be a celebration, not only on the basis that it will be the worlds first event at Cadwell Park but a celebration of those riders and teams that took notice and participated in this prestigious event.

We believe that rewarding participants with a professional and friendly event is the minimum.

Part of our celebrations on the day will of course be the pleasurable event of presenting winning riders with magnificent effort-rewarding trophies during a formal and well presented ceremony at the track.

The top three podium positions in each class will take part in the ceremony.

The podium positions will be the riders in each class that record the quickest time on track in the final session of the day. We will recognise laptimes from earlier sessions as MTA lap records but trophies will be awarded under pressure in the final session where you have to get it right if you want the top step and be crowned the class champion in the worlds first Moto Time Attack event.

That means that we have no overall winner of the event, just rightful winners of each category, recognising all speeds, specs and abilities with the common Time Attack goal.

For details of the rules and regulations, download them here


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