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Moto Time Attack is about turning up to a track and attacking it for the quickest time you can achieve from your bike. It is open to all manufacturers and engine/drive train layouts on two wheels so whether its a standard motorway mile cruncher or a BSB bike, we have a suitable class for you. No matter what bike you have, if and any changes you have made to it, whether its a road, trackday or full race bike.

Equally our to participate in Moto Time Attack you can be a complete novice and maybe you have never been on track before or at the other end of the spectrum maybe your a multiple racing champion looking for a new challenge – there is a place for you to run in Moto Time Attack.

Our classing system initially, is designed to roughly categorise bikes which are of similar power, modification and most importantly speed and time around a track in order to create competitive classing and a safe environment for those in each class. Unlike other forms of bike sport we categorise bikes and riders by the CC, modifications, what they are, what potential they have and how far removed from a standard bike they are. We then leave the riders to decide which level of competition they wish to enter based on personal ability. We don’t have hard strict rules about what you can and cannot do to your bike, the only real rules we have are focused on rigid safety grounds.

As a result Moto Time Attack will attract varied bikes and riders but all have the same challenge – how to kill the clock and nail down the quickest time possible.

When a bike has proven itself on a track its clear to see what it and the rider is capable of but to start with, for new entrants we ask a few direct and simple questions about the bike and rider ability along with asking for supporting pictures. This is a requirement that enables us to put a ready reckoner on what we feel the bike and rider is capable of and where they should sit in the Moto Time Attack classing system. As has been the case for many years with our Time Attack car championship, the system is sometimes subjective and is merely a starting point so we normally come to a realistic agreement with the owner/team and see how they get on and take a view from there – we apply common sense and experience to our classing decisions.

Classification of the bike is normally a process of consultation between the owner/team and our internal panel which consists of open discussion between our officials. Our Championship Coordinator is Mark Boxer who’s motorcycle experience and knowledge is unrivaled and will quickly determine the potential of each entrant. Being ‘in touch’ with a wide variety of bikes, road and race and endless amounts of  time on track at many levels makes Mark the suitable go-to man to get to the bottom of who you are, what you are capable of and whether your bike is ready to go or needs some changes for track use. Moto Time Attack rules and regulations both sporting and safety are run in accordance with the ACU handbook and specific Moto Time Attack rules for our unique sport. The ACU regulations for both rider and bike are completely unique to Moto Time Attack therefore first and foremost forget what you think you know about racing in the UK and please check the regulations for clarification and our special rules.

The concept of classing bikes by CC is to ensure fairness and safety between classes without restricting the on-going tuning and modification of the bike, after all that is the essence of what the teams are attacking for – constant development and aiming high to lower the times by improving the bike and rider. Fairness is defined in having bikes of similar capability battling for trophies during their Moto Time Attack campaign and safety defined as ensuring bikes of particular speed and modification are well equipped for the job and that the differential in speeds between bikes on track is not too great.

Moto Time Attack operates its safety and sporting rule book alongside the ACU, the UK’s governing body of bikesport with many areas of Moto Time Attack  conforming to the ACU Handbook.

Our inaugural 2017 classing structure is simple and effective, definitions of each class can be found lower down this page. You can also download the regulations here.

Class 1 : Up to 600cc

  • RoadSport

  • Club

  • Club Pro

  • Pro

Class 2 : Above 601cc to unlimited

  • RoadSport

  • Club

  • Club Pro

  • Pro

Snapshot Definitions

Class 1 Upto 600cc

Use any bike you like which is deemed by our officials as suitable for riding on circuit which original capacity from the factory was a bike model less than 600cc. The bike can be modified in any way you wish [ according to our rules ] and does not need to maintain the 600cc engine size, i.e. it could be bored and stroked to increase the cubic capacity as long as it retains the original engine unit for the bike model. i.e. No engine swaps. Power adders such as turbo and super charging are not permitted. NOS is not permitted. Three wheeled vehicles are not permitted.

Class 2 : 601cc to Unlimited

Use any bike you wish which is deemed by our officials as suitable for riding on circuit which original capacity for the bike model was greater than 601cc. The bike can be modified in any way you wish [ according to our rules ] and does not need to maintain the original cubic capacity. i.e. it can be bored and stroked to increase the cubic capacity to a max 1300cc. Engine swaps are permitted but the use of power adders such as turbo and super charging are not. NOS is not permitted. Any engine used must be derived from a motorcycle. Three wheeled vehicles are not permitted.

Entry level for road going bikes with little or no track experience. Designed to encourage road users to take to the track and ride in a competive environment with suitable guidance. This class is not designed for regular track riders, only for those who own a road bike and are inexperienced.
ACU licence level required : ACU Road Race Competition Licence
Tyres : Any tyres/brand, no slicks

Entry level Moto Time Attack class for riders still getting to grips with riding on track – maybe you have done a few trackdays, enjoy what you do but now want to start pushing it a bit more, be competitive and broaden your skills and bike set-up. This class is for riders with experience but don’t consider themselves at the fullest speed in ability but have a good understanding of riding on track and want to get quicker.
ACU rider licence level required : ACU Road Race Competition Licence
Tyres : Any tyres/brand, no slicks

Club Pro
Experienced class for riders and bikes which are competitive, quick and know what they are doing on track. Designed for club level racers and well seasoned trackday riders this class is for those who know they are quick, have been riding for a while on circuits, know about setting up a bike and generally get their knee down without thinking about it.
ACU rider licence level required : ACU Road Race Competition Licence
Tyres : Any tyres/ brand – no slicks

The class for the quickest riders. High level riders on seriously quick bikes, race proven or otherwise with lots of riding ability and talent that is seen in high level racing. Riders that are very experienced and bikes that have serious setup’s. If you think you are the quickest out there, this class is for you.
ACU rider licence level required : ACU Road Race Competition Licence
Tyres : Any type/brand including race slicks & wets

As you can see, initially your bike will be class 1 or class 2 by default depending on your bike of choice CC.

Beyond classing the CC categories, RoadSport to Pro is a decision for you to make yourself and suggest to us where you should run initially in accordance of where you think you are in ability and bike preparation and the type of competition you feel represents your goals. This self declaration is then considered as a quick consultation with us to ensure that we get you running in the correct class by a process of common sense. This is done by telling us about you, your bike, experience and modifications along with submitting some tech pictures of your bike for us to have a quick look at.

The entry form for all riders/classes can be downloaded here

If you dont have an ACU licence, dont fear, its straight forward to get one, see this page on the process and if you need to get an ACU licence or need information about what that is, see here

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