With the event coming up sooner and sooner there might be the odd question regarding bike setups and regulations that need to be met. The man overseeing all of this is at the event is Paul Taylor. Paul has a long history with bike racing, so we asked him to give us a brief run down of what he’s been up to and what he thinks people need to remember for the event.

Hi all,

I’m Paul Taylor –  if you have raced with Auto66 over the past few years you will probably have met me.

I’m really looking forward to working with Time Attack, a new form of race based time trial with a neat cut through for classes.

So what will me and my team be looking for?  In truth, not much.  If you have read the ACU handbook you should have no problems getting through scrutineering.

The silly things that catch people out include:

  • wire locking the sump plug and filler 
  • Shark fin chain / rear sprocket guard
  • do not use any form of additive in your coolant water – believe it or not, it’s actually more of a problem to remove that than oil off the circuit, if you fail to keep it shiny side up 
  • don’t turn up with a muck covered bike, all that says to us is that it’s not looked after (so we look closer)
  • the bike should be ready to race – don’t present it with loose brake callipers  (it happens)
  • and finally your kit, one piece leather suit with leather boots and gloves. your helmet must fit well and be in good condition and don’t forget if it hasn’t got an ACU gold sticker you can’t use it. 

Don’t Panic! 

Me and my team are bikers – we come to watch the racing too so don’t want to stop you competing!

Really looking forward to seeing you all

Paul T

In the lead up to the event if you do have any technical or class related enquiries, please still direct them to Mark via mark@mototimeattack.com



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