MCN recently shared a video of Guy Martins view on motorcycle racing right now. While he is not talking about Moto Time Attack of course, you cant help but listen to his views and the open mind, open rule book innovation that Moto Time Attack offers and put two and two together to realise the potential play ground we have here for riders, teams and manufacturers.

We are the only competition that welcomes free thinking, thinking and engineering that allows you to rip up the rule books and build a bike to a spec that you want to compete with, without the restriction of endless technical rules. Dream it, build it, Time Attack it.

We saw this video just as we were preparing to launch this very website and event and just had to share it. When Guy Martin speaks, you listen.

Guy – come to Moto Time Attack with something crazy, something you want to ride and smash lap records with innovative engineering. We are waiting for you.

The video and picture contained in this story are courtesy of MCN.

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