Still not sure? That’s totally fine. As this is a brand new event and concept we’re here to help!

Starting off with the basics, yes you will need to have a motorcycle and protective gear. Don’t laugh, we have had someone ask if they would have it all provided. Seriously though, you will need to have ridden at a track. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total novice, but to enter Moto Time Attack you will need an ACU license and to do so you’ll need to follow the correct procedure. Have a look at THIS POST for more information.

Now regarding your skills and your bike… Are you a beginner or are you a full-on competition racer with an overflowing trophy cabinet? Either way there’s a class for you. All of them are listed in the Classes post, but read on.

Gear aside…. what is your bike? Class 1 is for bikes up to 600cc with the exception of bikes such as 675cc triples and 636 Kawasakis. We’re even happy to discuss larger capacity twins within reason, just drop our Event Coordinator an email via

Class 2 is for bikes 601cc and over, for example GSXR750s, CBR900RRs and anything 1000cc or bigger. We’re not stopping you from entering your ZX14!

Remember though that we don’t care if your engine is modified, ie: bored out, stroked, so keep that in mind, because you might just have the fastest R6 around because it’s actually a big bore! In saying that… If you somehow manage to shoehorn an R1 engine in it… you’ll probably end up in Class 2. Check the event Provisional Regulations for more technical information.

So where does that leave you? Are you novice and just want to go out for some fun? If yes, then Roadsport will be perfect for you. If you’ve been doing a few track days and you’re quite confident but not quite at that stage where you want to go in full gridded races, then Club class would suit you. If you’re a seasoned campaigner and have raced for a while then Club Pro would tick your boxes. Finally if you’re an absolute gun and race to win in top level competition, then you and a what ever bike you can put together with slicks on it could be taking the Pro class honours at the end of the day!

We’ve spent minutes scouring YouTube to find some examples of riders at a novice level and at the top level. Have a watch and see what we mean. Mind you the chap on the novice bike isn’t doing too bad!





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