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Due to the fact that Moto Time Attack is a brand new concept and different to the already popular Time Attack UK series we also run, we wanted to bring on a team member you lives and breathes motorbikes. Aussie Mark Boxer (or Boxer as most people know him) has been around bikes for a long time and jumped at the opportunity to work with us on the event. We asked Boxer to write a few lines about who he is and his love of bikes. He wrote A LOT!


I was asked to write a little bit about myself with regards to bikes. I’ll apologise in advance here because yes…. I’m an early Fireblade tragic. I’ve owned quite a few of them from 1992 to 1999 models and for some reason I haven’t grown sick of them yet. Of these I’ve done a restomod style ground-up on a 92’, I’d built and stunt ridden a 97′ and 98’, I’ve built and raced a 98′, I’ve built a rather mental turbocharged and injected 98’ streetfighter and right now I’m building a 99’ which will be a replica of the Erion Superbike Kurtis Roberts raced in the AMA Formula Xtreme series. Not all is lost though… I’m also building a VFR750 up as a mock Joey Dunlop RC30 replica.


As far as me and riding goes, I only ever started to ride properly when I got my license, mostly due to the fact that nobody else in my family was into bikes or cars, let alone racing.  At the time I was a recently started as and apprentice motor mechanic and I started my riding by purchasing a GPZ250 to learn on. That bike was great until an old bloke pulled out of a carpark in front of me causing me and my bike to leave a nice big dent in the side of his Camry wagon.  I spent a few weeks in hospital with a fractured sternum and various other injuries, all the while being told by doctors and nurses (as they always do) that motorbikes are dangerous. After 10-weeks of recovery I took their valuable advice onboard and soon after bought a much faster Suzuki RGV250.


When my license restriction was removed I quickly upgraded to a 1996 GSXR750 and at the same time bought a copy of the Las Vegas Extremes stunt VHS. Knowing that my bike could do the same, I soon figured out how to do wheelies and pretty much rode like an idiot everywhere I went (I was young and stupid). During all of this I was still working as a mechanic, but on the side I was also doing quite a bit of photography of cars and racing, soon joining up with some friends who’d created an online car magazine called fullBOOST. From there I landed some freelance work with magazines in Sydney Australia, then not long after moved there from my home town Adelaide.

By this time I’d sold the GSXR and bought my first Fireblade. I wheeled this a lot and soon after met some friends who liked doing the same. One thing led to another and after a group of professional US stunt riders came to Australia for a big competition, we thought we’d take to our own fuel tanks with rubber mallets and turn them into stunt bikes too. We found areas where we could legally practice and not long after formed a seven member team called Cunning Stunts doing shows at local race tracks and events. I liked doing wheelies, but most of all I loved destroying tyres! In 2005 I was practicing doing a wheelie sitting over the handlebars only to have it go pear-shaped.

I broke my leg and bruised myself up nicely. At this time I decided to take a break (no pun intended.. different spelling) from stunt riding and turned my beloved CBR into something a little prettier, ending up with a black custom I called Bladerod. For a bike that didn’t cost much to build it featured heavily in magazines around the globe and was a great ticket to making some really good friends in a number of countries.


Fast forward a few years and I’d been doing photos and stories on the side for a number of bike magazines both in Australia and overseas as well as bike reviews for Two Wheels magazine, one of my favourite being the UK launch of the Royal Enfield Continental GT. I was also part of the team which put together the Bike of the Year in Two Wheels which was quite an honour given the likes of Cameron Donald, Kevin Magee and Steve Martin were usually there to take part. On a few occasions I did a few wheelies and burnouts on test bikes and they ended up putting my antics on the cover, another great honour. It was Two Wheels and the purchase of yet another CBR that spiked my interest in racing. I did a quite a few track days to hone my skills and then raced for a few years in a Sportsbike class catering for pre 2000 model. I even won the class championship in 2014! It was only local racing, but a win is a win!


The turbo bike, well that was built as a tribute to my friend Antoine who was the Editor of the French street fighter magazine Street Monsters until he was unfortunately killed in a bike accident. I’d only ever ridden a turbo charged bike a couple of times and as mental and impractical as they were to ride… I had to have one too! Given that I’m a bit of a Hoon and I’ve got a YouTube channel called HoonTV, it was a Honda appropriately called Hoonda.

Aside from on-track antics, I’d migrated from magazines to television whilst living in Sydney and worked as much as possible in motorsport. The highlight of this being my time spent overseeing the production of the television of the Australian Superbikes series for Fox Sports. Travel wise, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing tracks and pieces of road around the globe, but last year I fulfilled a life-long goal of going to the IOM TT races, something that takes quite a bit of effort when you’re all the way over in Australia. During my time in the UK I also visited a number of very cool motorcycle based businesses and hung out with some like-minded bike people.

Since then Moto Time Attack was announced and following my resignation as a local news cameraman was asked to come onboard as the Event/Championship Coordinator. Needless to say I didn’t need to be asked twice before saying yes. I’m honoured to be part of the team and very excited about the concept. Given the amazing amount of talent around when it comes to both riding and building bikes, I’m sure that this event and its very liberal rules will open the doors for some incredible machine builds and jaw-dropping laps performed on them.

Time Attack in cars has been a big eye-opener and Moto Time Attack will definitely do the same!

Can’t wait to see you there………..

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