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Moto Time Attack® gets global launch at Cadwell Park this summer


Moto Time Attack, [ MTA ] a brand new motorcycle sport will have its global debut at Cadwell Park on Sunday 16th July 2017.

Based upon the highly successful Time Attack competition format for cars where the competition is won by the quickest lap time, not first over the line, the originators of Time Attack in the UK are pleased to make their plans a reality with the launch of Moto Time Attack in 2017, bringing the sport to two wheels as well as four.

Cadwell Park has been carefully chosen to debut the brand new motorcycle sport, a natural choice for motorcycle riders and fans, Cadwell is a circuit which is adored the world over for its steeped history and love affair with motorcycle racing and of course featuring the ever spectacular mountain section.

The competition format of MTA will follow in the footsteps of it’s four wheeled counter part with different classes for bikes and riders dependent on bike size, specification and most importantly rider ability and lap time potential on track. These classes and classification make the process of Time Attack participation wholly unique to our sport and competitors will ride against the clock to set the quickest time possible.

MTA has been working with the UK’s motorcycle sport governing body, the Auto Cycle Union [ACU] in recent times to work on a simple, attractive, brand new and welcoming set of regulations for competitors, specifically for MTA. This collaboration between Time Attack and the ACU will see the event run under the permitted auspices of the ACU and therefore providing riders, teams, marshalls and fans the professional, familiar structure and organisational procedures that they would expect at such a high profile and inaugural event.

Andy Barnes, MD of Time Attack comments;

‘ For a few years we have been nursing the concept of bringing our beloved and unique sport of Time Attack to two wheels and today I am pleased to finally say that our dream is now a reality. Our team are avid motorcycle fans and our small, professional team are hugely motivated to share our sport with fellow riders and show not only what our sport can give to riders who we know will enjoy the sport once they have access to it on track but to also show how our events team can provide the next generation of competitive track riding executed by a professional team intent on perfecting every area of our sport for the good of the competitors.

Time Attack is genuinely for everyone. From a road going commuter, classics and to a full race bike, our sporting regulations which are rooted in safety but completely open in bike specification are sure to excite and welcome those riders and teams that are looking for something new, fresh, competitive and welcoming to their needs, ideas and motorcycle passion and enthusiasm. The competition philosophy of MTA is the same as Time Attack in cars – tune, alter and modify your bike to make it go quicker, the sport is all about how quick can you get your bike around the track when you are given relative free reign on what you can do with it.

We fully expect to welcome riders and bikes from novice to professionals, we have a place, class and structure for everyone although we will be limiting entry numbers for the first event. The inaugural event at Cadwell Park this summer is to share our sport for the first time, see what riders think of Time Attack, the format and our organising team, listen to views on classes, riders, teams, manufacturers and motorcycle tuners, to then formulate all that good stuff into a full Championship of events in 2018.

To say we are excited to get to Cadwell and make this happen is an understatement.’

MTA riders will ride on track at the same time but split into their respective classes. To see more about the classes and how to join Moto Time Attack, check this link on our site

The event is being organised and run by Club Time Attack as a full day of competition specifically for all MTA riders and will only feature Moto Time Attack® on track.

About the organisers

Time Attack as a sport was debuted in the UK in 2005 having never been run before. In 2010 the MSA [ the governing body of motorsport in the UK] recognised Time Attack as a brand new form of motorsport for cars, the first recognition of such in decades.

Originating from Japan the sport was run for tuners of cars to see what changes their products and expertise could yield when put to the test in a controlled circuit environment. In 2006 we localised the sport into a full Championship in the UK and it now enjoys it’s 12th year of successful competition by the very same people that started it.  Time Attack is recognised as a major motorsport not only in the UK but in the world with UK Time Attack the unrivaled global leader in the sport.

Club Time Attack is the permitted club for the ACU and MSA to run competition events, we have our own officials, regulations and complete independence from other organising clubs as we hire venues ourselves to run our Championship. Time Attack is also a successful organiser of car shows at racing circuits and is respected by sporting authorities, officials and venues as a professional motorsport innovator. Time Attack is owned by brothers Rob and Andy Barnes and run by a small dedicated team of long standing enthusiastic professionals that love to see lap times crumble.

In both 2015 and 2016 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed event held in the UK, the overall quickest time recorded in the hill climb competition were both set by a Time Attack car, – the quickest overall times of any car. The Gobstopper Subaru Impreza was a purpose built machine for our sport and instantly showed the world how far Time Attack has come in recent times despite not actually being the quickest Time Attack from our Championship. The philosophy of our sport pushes these boundaries and creates innovation in the aftermarket. It is this stimulating innovation we fully intend to bring to the motorcycle aftermarket via Moto Time Attack®

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