Along with our introduction to getting an ACU license we posted below last year, we need to reiterate the fact that you will need a ROAD RACE license. Should you have any questions, please either call us or the ACU if you have any questions.


If you are are looking to compete with us you’ll need to get yourself an ACU licence no matter what class you are in, but fear not, its mega easy!

Maybe a licence isn’t something you have thought about in the past if you enjoy trackdays or maybe have never even been on a track before on your bike however fear not is really easy to do and actually quite fun.

There is a form to fill out from the ACU, you book an ACU assessment day, take your bike along [ road or race it doesn’t matter ] do an hour or so in the class room learning new things and then a bit of practical on track with an instructor/tester – if all goes well you walk away with a licence to race.

It’s not a daunting process at all and while getting a race licence may seem like a distant ambition, its very simple and straight forward. All you do is follow as you are told, soak up the advice and show you can ride a bike around the track. No knee-down action or hero work is required.

MSVT are our preferred provider of ACU assessments and before Moto Time Attack there are two opportunities to get yourself booked in and a licence sorted out. They days sell out fast so you need to act quick to ensure you get on the lists.

The link here will give you the dates and more information about the assessment/test – its all done direct with MSV so please follow the link and get yourself booked up with them.

You can also find the information and forms for the ACU licence on this page here

So what are you waiting for?

Learning new things and getting a race licence is your opportunity to not only participate in Moto Time Attack but maybe other things in future. Its a nice-have and something very much worthwhile making time to do.

Good luck!


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