You’ve spoken and at the 11th hour… we’ve listened. Since we understand that Moto Time Attack is a new concept and something that many riders are thankfully squeezing into their current racing schedules, we’ve had quite a few riders who are very keen, but are still trying to juggle days in order to compete the Sat-Sun schedule.

So with this in mind, in comes the introduction of “Team Rides”.

What this means is the two riders can enter together and share the entry over the two days of competition. By doing this, one rider rides on Saturday, the other on Sunday.

The main proviso is the both riders are riding in the same class because obviously points added up from the Saturday session and the 3 Sunday sessions will all go together.

In the circumstance where two riders want to enter together, but have different classed bikes, ie: a 600cc and 1000cc, both riders will automatically be counted as Over 600cc class. The important factor though is that both riders will need to be either Club, Club Pro or Pro as they will need to share the track will similar speed riders.


What makes all of this interesting though, is that as per the regulations, the lowest point scoring session for every competitor is dropped. So if a rider is unable to get a team mate, but rides on the Sunday (Team Rides isn’t available Saturday only), he/she can still win their class with points, yet the “get out of jail free card” of having a session dropped will be lost as only 3 sessions are being taken part in. If and where possible, the Moto Time Attack team may be able to allocate a team mate to another rider if the opportunity arrises.

We also understand that some people may have had one of those months where the cat needed a hip replacement, the clutch on the Saab just went and your kids decided that wanted new dirt bikes. So by doing Team Rides with a friend, you can split the costs.

If this is of interest to you, then please drop Boxer a line ASAP by email or phone
Ph: 07377 090766





*note: Team Rides entries counted as a single person entry, so the entry benefits such as meal vouchers, entry tickets, t-shirt are all as per a single entry.


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