2019 event announcement – No Moto Time Attack event in 2019.

A decision to postpone the event has been made as a direct result of not being able to agree terms with the ACU as to its regulation and future.

Following the significant investment two professional annual events, we set out regulation changes that were required in order for our sport to grow into a major motorcycling category that could stand alone as we already run to great success with cars.

This feature of running two events to demonstrate our sport and safe operational form to the ACU, to whom we were unknown, was an agreed plan and therefore the proposed required changes were of no surprise once we had introduced the sport and some level of understanding of its operation was gained by the ACU.

The most notable change being a licence procedure for riders which are more suited to our unique sport – non race licences for beginners.

This detail is hugely important for our unique sport as we are intent on fielding brand new riders to the track, those that do not wish to race, bored of track days yet, who wish to participate in a competitive sport – the essence of Time Attack.

To date the ACU have refused to accept these changes and the differences of Time Attack to racing as well as being overly concerned with our IP ownership of the sport and the competition we pose to existing championships – despite detailed and proven methods by our organisation and therefore we are unable to make the headway required.

Until such time that we can come to an agreement with the ACU we have no choice to postpone Moto Time Attack events. Any continuation under the existing permit/format would result in an expensive half-hearted attempt at creating a new sport which we have no desire to do.

Andy Barnes, MD of Time Attack comments directly :

‘ We are ready and able to continue to provide the motorcycle world with a brand new, credible and exciting sport however our hands are tied by regulations steeped in the past, not the future which is a great shame.

I feel great travesty that we are unable to unleash the full potential of our beautiful sport on two wheels however until such time as the ACU can accommodate our sport on the correct terms to ensure its success we are at a stalemate in terms of a UK event.

Of course, MTA aside, we look forward to yet another formidable season of car Time Attack which remains ever popular and a season highlight of the motoring calendar in the UK ‘


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