MOTO TIME ATTACK – Cadwell Park success leads to 2018

Following on from the highly popular MSA Time Attack Championship for cars, the same team of organisers launched Moto Time Attack for motorcycles at Cadwell Park on Sunday 16th July. Running in the unique format that only Time Attack enjoys, riders were invited to set their quickest laps at the inaugural event that has since been hailed as a huge success.

With three main classes, Club, Club Pro and Pro, each split into below 600 and above 600cc categories within a relatively open set of technical regulations, the very first Moto Time Attack event to be held anywhere in the world attracted a diverse field of bikes and riders, all looking to gain that perfect lap. Throughout the day the different classes of bikes took to the track in different sessions, with the final run of the day deciding the podium winners in each class according to their lap time.

In addition to an impressive field of competitors that comprised a mixture of amateur riders and professional racers, organisers were delighted to see a high number of spectators turn up to watch the all-day action. Many were amazed by the spectacular air-time performed by the more committed riders as they crested the infamous Cadwell Park Mountain and then laid their bikes from right-to-left and back to right again as they negotiated the highly technical Hall Bends complex.

Motorcycle racer and television personality Guy Martin entered the event, bringing with him a team from Honda Racing to look after the factory Superbike that was recently unveiled at the Isle of Man TT. The team were delighted with the day and at the finish Guy said:  “Thanks very much for Sunday; really enjoyed it. A well run event”.

Competition in the Pro categories was fierce, with Isle of Man TT Senior rider Dan Hegarty coming very close to the elusive sub 1:30 lap time on the stunning MotoGP-style, DR Moto bike built by UK-based firm Reynolds Engineering.

Pro honours went to Superstock Racer Chrissy Rouse, who won the Over 600 Pro Class final recording a best time of 1:29.725, with Tom Neave first of the under 600 Pro Class riders having recorded a 1:31.173. In an earlier session, Cadwell Park ace Phillip Crowe set a personal best of 1:29.425, making him the fastest rider on the day, but wasn’t able to continue his time into the final and therefore, took 2nd place in the Over 600cc Pro class. Competition in the Club Pro and Club classes was just as exciting too with a huge number is rider battling it out for the honours. A special mention goes to Daniel Moss who shared the track all day with larger capacity 600cc bikes in his category and still came home with a 2nd place on the podium in Under 600cc Club. In the true spirit of Time Attack, he used great riding abilities and a good setup to make up for the lack of horsepower.

Following the event, Moto Time Attack owner and promoter, Andy Barnes said: ” Time Attack is totally unique and, to apply the sport we know and love from four to two wheels was a nervous transition but one we felt confident about achieving and I am pleased to say it was a great success. We have been overwhelmed by the support and welcome that we have experienced from riders and teams to us as ‘newcomers’ in the bike world and the success of the event at Cadwell is testament to the space that we will now capture in motorcycle sport in years to come.

“As we said from the start, the event was a test with a planned series of events starting in 2018, which we have been working on for some time. Just as we do with cars, we fully expect riders and teams to consider building bikes to specifically target Moto Time Attack given our relaxed and practical regulations where almost anything goes. This launch plan is identical to our approach with cars 13 years ago: run an event, see what happens, see what riders like, build events around the riders and then make long term plans thereafter. This is happening right now.”

Event Coordinator Mark Boxer said: “We’re extremely happy with the first event. Our main aim was that riders come and have a fun day and experience Time Attack first-hand – and that’s exactly what they did. During and after the event we have been inundated with messages, emails and even calls from both competitors and spectators saying how much they enjoyed themselves, which is very encouraging and I can’t wait to see bikes built to run in MTA next year.”

Moto Time Attack will feature multiple events starting in 2018 and provisional dates are already being planned. Work now begins on creating a series of events that riders and teams can focus on for the future, with a revised classing structure as a result of feedback received and with extended eligibility to cast an event wider net to encourage a variety of bikes that will ensure close competition throughout the classes.

Further details about Motor Time Attack 2018 will be announced in the autumn.

Notes for editors

About Moto Time Attack [MTA]

MTA is a competition for riders to set the quickest lap on their machine in accordance with a class that is relevant to both rider and motorcycle. Classing is currently based on engine size and bike specification, as well as taking into account rider experience and speed. Bikes are run in timed sessions by class, with competitors on track together.

The aim of MTA is to allow riders to participate in a series of timed sessions during the event, perfecting setup and times until the Final session when the lap times result in the final classification for the class podiums.

MTA regulations are set together with the ACU to form specific and unique rules that only apply to MTA. MTA timing is handled by industry leaders, TSL.

About the MSA Time Attack Championship

One of the most significant and engaging global motorsport phenomena of our time, Time Attack has captivated audiences, inspired a generation of enthusiasts and empowered drivers to do whatever it takes to achieve the fastest lap.

Originating on the racetracks of Japan, Time Attack defines the art of focused car modification by providing aftermarket tuners – both amateur and professional – with a platform on which to prove themselves in the most convincing way possible. It embraces a spectrum of tuning levels, from a road-based trackday car to a mega-horsepower racing monster!

The art of registering the quickest lap-time in a production-based car with is a true test of man and machine against the clock. It’s about running to the absolute limit – and beyond, on a knife-edge of engine power, traction and the limits of handling, chassis set-up and down force, whilst maintaining reliability and, above all, performance.

Introduced to Britain in 2006, the UK Time Attack Championship has now grown into the largest and most professional series of its kind in the world. It attracts drivers and teams from all corners of the British Isles as well as many from overseas, assembling an eclectic mix of cars that readily relate to the many of the 1,000s of spectators and on-line supporters that follow the action. 



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