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Rider Entry for 2 day competition Sat/Sun 14/15th July 2018

[Does not include the optional Friday bike trackday/bike setup day – if you wish to do all three days please purchase the 3 day bundle and save yourself some money, check back in our store]

Thank you for your interest in Moto Time Attack and we are very pleased to see you here in our store ready to sign up for the event with your motorcycle. You’re going to have a blast with us and experience an event and competition format that we guarantee you have never experienced previously [ unless you joined us in 2017! ]


So, here are the main details you need to know about buying your entry for the event, most of which you should know by now having looked around our website and maybe even spoken to  our welcoming event team. Please take time to read through this before hitting the add to cart button.

Entry for each of the classes are listed in the drop down box opposite. Please select the class that you feel is most suited to your entry, all classes are priced the same at £375+ VAT. We issue VAT invoices for all payments so if you if need to to claim back your VAT for business users or maybe for payment by your sponsor, don’t worry we’ll send you one. . We believe and hope you agree, the price for a complete professional competition over two days and all the plans we have made to ensure you adore our Moto Time Attack event is an absolute steal.

At the time of selecting and buying your spot, we will add you that class entry list here at MTA HQ. If you need to change your entry class later on, its OK we can do that manually so for now, select the class you feel more appropriate and we’ll take it from there. If you do wish to change things after buying your class spot just get in touch by phone or email and we’ll sort things out.

Each class will have a maximum amount of riders and classes will be split so that each class is on track at separate times. Each class of rider will be on track at the same time for the class. We expect that we will cap the number in each class to around 15 riders. We may alter that number as Cadwell is great for accommodating more bikes on track at the same time due to its layout but if we do, it will certainly not be to the point of making your on track challenge too busy. For Moto Time Attack you need space around you to lay down your perfect laps and therefore how many riders are on track are a major priority for us to consider and make sure we get right.

If you select a class and after consultation with us we feel that maybe you need to move to a different class due to your ability or bike spec we will talk about it and hopefully agree a common ground. In the event that we cannot agree and you feel that you no longer wish to enter the class we feel you should, and do not wish to participate, we will refund your money immediately. This option is only available until 30days prior to the event taking place. After that time any entries and payments are locked down and you agree that you have purchased your spot and whether you attend and participate on your bike or not, we will not be able to refund you and by making this payment to us here, you agree that you understand and fully agree with these terms.

Once you have have made your payment you will need to send us your entry form, completed and signed to complete your formal entry to the event. The entry form and further details about how to submit your form can be found here on our main website.

The entry fee does not include the hire of  transponder from our timing suppliers TSL Timing Ltd. If you wish to hire a timing transponder [ if you dont own one – all teams must have one during the event ] the hire fee for that is as follows : £30 payment on the day, when the transponder is returned to TSL at the end of the event, you will receive £15 back. i.e. the actual cost of transponder hire is £15. Any transponders not returned or lost/damaged will be invoiced in full to the hirer by TSL Timing. The TSL Timing function will feature live timing from the track, split times, speeds, sectors and predictive track locations for each bike – its the same level of timing as you would get at any other high level professional event essentially.

It is your responsibility that your bike, safety gear and eligibility to the event is in order and we cannot be held responsible or issue a refund should you not be able to compete on the day no matter the reason.

If you have any questions before buying your entry, please do get in touch and lets talk about it.

Thank you for confirming your entry, hit that add to cart and let’s get your entry sorted out for the very first Moto Time Attack event in the world.

If you need to email us about making your payment or a problem you encounter with our store here or to request a VAT invoice please use this email

Please ensure you complete the mandatory rider entry form, CLICK HERE to download it

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