It’s been a very interesting lead up to the first ever Moto Time Attack event and we’re sure there are a lot of people sitting back wondering if they should enter or if they might “see how it goes”. Rest assured, the people that are there on the day will not only get a great amount of time on the track like you would as a well-organised track day, but they’ll also experience a whole new buzz. Being part of a race grid of bikes or chasing down another bike is by far one of the coolest experiences a motorcycle rider will have and to add to that when you’re competing, you’re pushing your bike during qualifying in the lead-up to the races in order to position yourself in a great spot on the grid. Then there’s other events like the TT and timed events like hillclimbs. All of these bring out the best feeling of adrenaline a rider ever get and all leave you wanting more. So what makes Moto Time Attack different you say? Well essentially nothing. It’s still going to give you a huge buzz because you’re racing against the clock in an effort to come out on top as the fastest on your class. Yet what it does do differently is it allows you to not only pull out all stops to ride that “perfect lap”, but it also allows you to build the perfect bike to do it on. You see the rules are mostly based around engine sizes and safety, but when it comes to modifications….. well we want to see people building bikes to suit their own personal choice.

So, use your imagination and think about how great it’ll be to see riders on amazing bespoke bikes pushing them in order to break records and claim honours. We understand that right now it’ll be a case of people riding what they already have are the initial event, but the bug will bite and from what we’ve seen over the years in car Time Attack, we only hope that Moto Time Attack will follow suit!

We’d love to hear what you have in the build and are more than happy to talk shop with you on any ideas you have. Drop our Event Coordinator Mark Boxer a line via to chat. He’s a racer and bike builder and would love to hear from you!


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