Haven’t got your entry in yet?

With only 50 days to go until event we understand that people like to leave things until the last minute, it’s motorsport, so we understand. The only drama on our end is that whilst we know you’re keen to race and we appreciate you contacting us to let us know you’re coming, we just want to avoid a log jam close to the event of entries to process, plus we need time to get info out to you and to assemble programmes. This is also important with regards to giving your sponsors the coverage they deserve. We want to help you to promote them and getting your entry in early will mean we can mention them in the lead up to the event.
Things to consider:
Still not sure which class to enter?
No problems at all, we’re here to help. You can find the class information HERE or drop Mark Boxer our event Coordinator an EMAIL and he’ll call you to discuss.


I’m not sure if I’ll I be competitive in my class…
Keep in mind that this is the first ever Moto Time Attack and that you shouldn’t be worried about what the others in your class are doing, but instead be competing against yourself to ensure that your riding is fast, consistent and smooth. Remember that it only takes one incorrect line to mess up a great lap time, so even the fastest most aggressive racers might not even come close to a podium finish.


Have you got an ACU license?
Don’t worry, there’s still time and opportunities. CLICK HERE for more info.

Cadwell Park looks like a crazy place to ride. You’ve seen the videos and most riders who go there absolutely love it, so if Moto Time Attack is your first time there, you’ll be coming away from the event with some great memories. Check the video out!


Are you sure, it looks like it’s only for Pro riders?
We’re 100% sure. Whilst we’re keen to have Pro riders there, if you’re new to the track and you’ve passed your ACU license test then you’re ready for Moto Time Attack. Roadsport and Club are classes catering for riders who are new to the circuit.


My sponsors want to trade at Moto Time Attack.
That’s great, please get them to CONTACT US because when you enter we’ll give them a great deal on a trade site!

So what are you waiting for?
CLICK HERE to go to the entry page


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