Moto Time Attack is a great place for traders to show their products to motorcycle fans and given the fact that the rules for the classes allow open modifications, it’s the perfect forum for both the factory and aftermarket industry. Best of all, it’s a great place for show-goers to purchase items on the day or secure services after the event.

Traders at our Time Attack events love the fact that they’re not just surrounded by other traders, there’s a whole show attached to the event which makes it a great day out. Also as this is the first ever Moto Time Attack, we’re excited to let everybody know that spectator entry will be free. On top of this if you are a trader with riders you sponsor, or a rider with traders who sponsor you, we’ll happily work out a rider entry/trade site deal that works for you.

For more information or to secure a trade site at Moto Time Attack, please contact our Event Coordinator


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