Just a quick note regarding tyres and tyre warmers. A potential entrant mentioned that he’d been told that tyre warmers were only allowed in the Pro categories. This is not that case, as per the Provisional Regulations, slick tyres are only allowed in the Pro categories. Tyre warmers are allowed in all categories.

Please share this post incase others have read this incorrect info other places.

5.9 Tyres
Tyre makes are free but tyre types permitted in each class are:
• RoadSport, Club, Club Pro : any tyre type, no slicks
• Pro : Any tyre including slicks/race wets
5.9.1 The use of tyre warmers is allowed. Tyre warmers may not be used within assembly area or on the race track
5.9.2 The cutting/re grooving of tyres is not allowed.

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