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So you’d decided to bite the bullet and enter the event…. Excellent! The only problem is that you’re still pondering which category you should enter. We’ll be the first people to agree with you that this being the first ever Moto time Attack event means that there will be some confusion, but that’s ok.

Scroll past this link first and read this, page, but afterwards click on it and have a read of all the class information, it might eliminate some of the questions you need to ask, but regardless we’d love to hear from you and help you out.

Click HERE for the CLASSES page

Now when it comes to deciding what class you’re in, it all depends on two main things, your level of confidence on the bike and what the bike is. With regards to riding confidence this means how long you’ve been riding, what kind of riding you do and how fast you are. Obviously the classes are aimed at both ends of the spectrum and as we’ve been approach by both novice riders right though to 180mph A-graders, we aim to accommodate everyone.
There are four categories and all of these accommodate for over and under 600cc bikes. Things 636 Kawasakis and 675 Triumphs and MVs will still fall under the sub 600cc class sure to their homologation histories. Here are the four classes you can enter and a simple definition of what types of riders/bikes would suit each.

Riders with some track experience and confidence who want to have some fun and test what they’ve learned.

Club Pro
This is a class for club level racers who have dedicated race bikes and compete regularly, simple as that.

If you’re at the top of your game and know your way around a race track as well as the next competition racer this is the class for you. The beauty being that in this class you can be faster again because the relaxed modification rules in MTA mean that you can turn up on a highly modified bike and we’ll pat you on the back for it. No engine tear-downs here, it’s run-what-you-brung!

Now lets take a look at an example of a potential entrant. Rob, he’s one of the MTA team and in the past few years he’s found a new love for bikes. Wanting to transition from a road bike to a track bike, Rob picked himself up a reasonably well setup mid 90s CBR600 track bike for a good price and wanted to start doing track days. Whist Rob is a great rider he’s still learning his way around the bike and the craft of the track. He’s going to a lot of ride days and his confidence level of growing yet Rob hasn’t raced and he’s just got his ACU license by following the instructions on the page listed above. So given that information and the fact that Rob’s bike has been dedicated for the track, he’d slot nicely into the 600cc Club category.

Another rider example would be Johnny. He’s raced BSB, won trophies and has a dedicated 2016 Yamaha R1M race bike which has had everything done to it. He’s also one of the guys who likes getting some solid air-time over the mountain at Cadwell Park and has some fast times under his belt. He’d slot nicely into the Over 600cc Pro category.

So when it comes to being unsure, don’t sit back and wonder, we’re here to help. Send us photos of your bike, tell us what has been done to it and what sort of times you do around different track. If you race then what category do you race in and what sort of results have you had. The main thing to remember is that we’re flexible and if you do enter a class which is either above or below your level on the day, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll make changes where possible.
As I said though, drop me a line with your information and we’ll get you sorted quickly and locked into a class.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your entry on the list.

To complete your entry you need to fill out the entry form on this link



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