At 56 Dave Croft has no intention of hanging up with riding gear. Having joined the Ducati TriOptions Cup ranks with his good friend Andy Dix under the Bulldog Racing banner, he told UK Clubsport “We’re both 56, born within a few weeks of each other, too young for a hip replacement and too old to chase grid girls!”. Tragically in the lead up to the series Andy passed away, yet Dave stuck to his the original plan and went racing in memory of his friend.

Dave says “As we tell a tale each time we become bigger better faster harder and always against greater odds on each occasion”


Dave’s own company, D2 is the UK distributor for Koyo bearings and Mupo suspension among other things, but his background before racing was in Thai boxing, so he’s a rather fit bloke.

When he heard about Moto Time Attack he was ready to go straight away saying “Track days and our lap times are no different. Ultimately racing cuts through the bullshit. The stop watch does not lie. It certainly doesnt bloody well like me. 

The UK has been crying out for a less stressed, more cost friendly middle ground from a track day to full on racing. The solution just made its self known. I’m in!”

To check out Dave’s products head to his website or drop by his pit area at the event


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